Welcome! I’m excited about the opportunity to get to know you and help you achieve your health goals. To make sure we’re a good fit to work together, all new clients are eligible for a free 15 minute “discovery call”. To schedule your discovery call, please email



I offer a range of services and packages to help meet your goals and enable success. Whether you are looking to understand the basics such as how your current diet and lifestyle are impacting your health and actionable steps you can take today or you want a little bit more accountability with follow-up sessions with me, you’ll find it here.

Just the Basics

Clients will receive one 60-90 minute coaching call during which time we will discuss your current nutrition habits, medical/supplement history and concerns, exercise and lifestyle factors, goal setting, and 3-5 day food journal. I will provide a recommendation on calories and macronutrient goal ranges to achieve your wellness goals and make 3-5 recommendations on steps you can take to improve your health.

A Little Bit More

Everything in the “Just the Basics” package, a 5 day meal plan customized to your goals and diet recommendations, and two 60 minute follow-up Skype meetings to discuss successes, barriers, and modify the plan as needed for long term success.

Jeanne has helped me in so many ways. She truly cares about your personal goals and how you can obtain them while learning a lifestyle change. After her helping me figure out what sort of foods I should be eating, helping me track, and educating me on how to read labels I can say I can see inches off my stomach! Jeanne is amazing I can’t thank her enough!
— Hilary K.

Label Reading and Marketing Smarts -

Eat Your Way to Honor Roll - There’s no better time than the start of the school year to re-evaluate your health and the impacts that diet and lifestyle have on your family, including your children. Over the last few decades, our food supply has significantly changed, and today more than 10,000 chemicals are allowed to be added to food. Not only has the number of chemicals and preservatives skyrocketed, but according to the American Academy of Pediatrics, this is often at the detriment of our children’s health as several classes of additives have been linked to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD, and endocrine disruption. As parents, we can change that and give our children the tools for a better, more productive school year.

Schedule an interactive and engaging workshop that will arm you with the skills and information you need to more easily identify what is actually healthy and what isn’t. You will learn what to avoid when feeding kids, what their growing bodies need, a healthy lunchbox template, and some tips and tricks for helping overcome children’s objections to eating healthier.

You’ll leave with, a cheat sheet for identifying hidden sugars in foods and a simple template for packing a more nutritious lunch. 

A La Carte

Have a particular question in mind? Maybe you want to better understand the health implications of some of your favorite meals? No matter how small, these are the services for you.

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed this Training Workshop yesterday! It was very beneficial and interactive and I learned a lot! Thanks!
— Skyler S.
Email Counseling

This method will provide access to me via email for questions and follow-up from the comfort of your home. This is a great option for old or new clients in a “maintenance phase” of their journey who just want a little extra help.  *Limit of 2 questions per email for 6 weeks.

Recipe/Diet/Nutrition Analysis

Want to know how your favorite recipe helps or hinders your health goals? Or maybe you want to know how your overall diet and nutrition lines up. Either way, I can help by providing a detailed analysis with macro and micro breakdown of your favorite recipes.

  • Single Recipe Analysis: $10-15

  •  Analysis of 7-day Food Journal: $30-45 depending on quantity and types of food (lots of recipes will cost more). I will include recommendations on micronutrients to increase and how to achieve Daily Recommended Intake, whether through food or supplementation

Meal Planning

I will provide a 7-day healthy meal plan with recipes based on a short discussion of your goals. This a la carte feature can be purchased alone for a general healthy meal plan or combined with a 15-minute personal assessment of goals and customized to macronutrient ratios I recommend. Once you purchase the individualized plan, you can purchase subsequent weekly plans at a discounted rate.

  • General Healthy Meal Plan with Recipes: $49

  • Individualized Meal Plan with Macronutrient Goals: $99

  • Subsequent Individualized Meal Plans with Macronutrient Goals: $54