Jeanne has been an integral part in my nutrition choices for my family. She has helped with toddler/baby food struggles. She has helped me find foods that even my husband will eat. She has been there through pregnancy nutrition and postpartum/nursing nutrition. She always approaches me with research based practices and articles. I am so grateful for her patient and nonjudgmental guidance and experience!
— Katherine L.
Jeanne has been working with me for over a year now. Her literature based, data driven methods allow her to address the whole person rather than just focusing on solely on what is going in to your body. She contains a wealth of knowledge and breaks it down so it is easy to understand and implement. While I did the work, Jeanne was able to gently, but firmly guide me through my process. Pretty soon, I was be examining other aspects of of my life and making powerful changes in order to live a cleaner lifestyle for both me and my family. Working with Jeanne has been one of the best steps I have ever taken in my health journey. I could not think of a better person to have on my side.
— Megan K.
Working with Jeanne has honestly been a life changing experience. Before speaking with her, I felt like I was an averagely health young adult but realized after answering her initial questionnaire there are long term lifestyle health goals that I wasn’t exploring or wouldn’t have thought to explore if it weren’t for her. Some of the health concerns I had were chronic fatigue, occasional bloating and cramping, & some digestive problems. I thought these were pretty common problems that you just experience as you get older but after working with Jeanne I realized there are tons of ways to solve or alleviate these issues I was experiencing. She was very helpful when discussing issues and concerns I had as well as explaining nutritional information questions I had when trying to understand her different suggestions. Even after the study, she was still providing suggestions for recipes and different informational tools. Jeanne was very accommodating of my schedule and she has educated me so much more about my body. I would definitely recommend working with her in obtaining a better lifestyle!
— Flor T.
Jeanne has been absolutely amazing to work with. She’s fully vested in each and every client- she spent countless hours doing additional research on my particular ailments to help come up with the best possible course of action. She also checked in frequently to see how things were going and would make recommendations for things to try or change to help improve my results. Thanks to Jeanne I feel so much more knowledable about my overall health and am now well on the road to recovery!!
— Claire A.